Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are food and lodging included with my Conference Registration fee?
A. Food and lodging are separate from your Conference Registration fee.

2. What does my Conference Registration fee cover?
A. Your Conference Registration fee covers registration for the whole amazing weekend! The Marian Conference begins at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and ends around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. Saturday is a packed full day beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending around 10:00 p.m.!

3. How do I book my lodging?
A. Call Boyne at 1-800-GO-BOYNE (1-800-462-6963) or 231-549-6000. Tell them you are booking for the Marian Conference and they will tell you the options for lodging in our block. Also, click on the “Hotel Reservations” tab on this site for more information. **It is highly recommended you book EARLY to avoid the possibility of the unavailability of a room.**

4. What about food?
A. There are several restaurants on the grounds of Boyne Mountain. We also have cafeteria type dining in the lower level of the Civic Center where the Marian Conference is held. You cannot bring your own food into the Civic Center, but you can bring your own food into your overnight room. Normally, you will receive a tri-fold upon registering with Boyne’s restaurant options described.

5. Where on the grounds of Boyne Mountain is the Marian Conference held?
A. The Marian Conference is held in the Civic Center which is located behind the Main Lodge (where you check in for your lodging if staying at a Boyne property). You walk out the back doors, and the Civic Center is the building ahead to your right at the base of the ski hill. The main doors to the Civic Center face the base of the ski hill. This is where the Marian Conference Registration desk is. You can also enter through the back doors (in case of inclement weather) and walk through the Main Hall to get to the Marian Conference Registration desk.

6. How should I dress?
A. Most people dress very casual, nice jeans, etc. Some choose to change into dress clothes for Holy Masses. It is up to you! There is a lot of walking involved, so we recommend good walking shoes! It is a good idea to bring an umbrella or rain coat. Northern Michigan weather can change on a dime, so warm clothes options should always be put in your suitcase!

7. Can I bring my children?
A. The Marian Conference is a family conference. Children are most welcome! Family Rates are available. There is a Youth Conference on Saturday only. This runs from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. with a break for lunch with parents. The program resumes from 1:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m., ending in time for attendance at the Divine Mercy Chaplet back in the Civic Center. You can register online for this and download forms to fill out. Parents with very young children can sit towards the back of the Civic Center, if they so choose, for stroller space, etc. There is also sound piped to the lower level of the Civic Center. You are welcome to use the Dining Room at any time outside of meal times for space to be with your children. We do ask that crying or loud children be removed from the main hall due to conference recording concerns.

Boyne Mountain has a daycare program, if you are interested. Boyne Mountain has a childcare option for those interested. For childcare options call Kristin Andrews at 231-549-6000 (Prompt #2) or email her at

8. Can I volunteer to help in any way?
A. Absolutely! We are very grateful for volunteers! There would be no conference without them! Before the conference, call the Marian Center (231-347-6279) and during, please check with the Marian Conference Registration Desk for volunteer options. Any one that can stay to help break down the conference at the end is most appreciated! Many hands make light work and we can be done in a couple hours!

9. How do I find out the Conference Schedule?
A. The Marian Conference Schedule is available on this site and is updated as the event comes together. You will also receive a printed Conference Program upon registration to have with you throughout the weekend. We recommend keeping it with you at all times, but if you forget or lose it, you can get a copy of the schedule at the Marian Conference Registration Desk.

10. Is the conference recorded?
A. Yes, the conference is recorded. Holy Family Resources records for us and the prices are very reasonable. You can order CD’s during the conference, and they will be ready before you leave at the end of the weekend. We recommend you order Conference Sets early to give the recording company time to have them ready. We do not sell video recordings.

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